Colepark Bearded Collies

Working and Pastoral Breeds Of Scotland Championship Show - 3rd November 2012

Limit Dog Class

1. Very dark brown masculine boy, lovely head, good coat quality, very strongly built with good front assembly. Deep Chest and long ribs, nice proportions height to length, moved very well front and rear And showed his paces when driving from the side. Pleased to award him Res CC 

Mike Lewis


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City of Birmingham Championship Show - 1st September 2012

2. Post Graduate Dog Class 

Very nice brown dog apart from his pigment. Loved his coat colour, general proportions and he moved well.


Bryony Harcourt-Brown

East of England Championship Show - 8th July 2012

Post Graduate Dog Class 

2. Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy - I never enjoy trotting out this old chestnut ' Unlucky to meet the above' but its is true on this occasion to meet Royal Ascot at his all time best. This handsome dog has much going for him. I felt he was not quite the balance of 1 but in super coat and condition he excels in type with lovely head and expressions


Margaret McDonald-Cross

National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show - 14th July 2012

Post Graduate Dog Class

1. Brown boy who took this class on his excellent controlled movement. Super head, eye tones with coat - lovely reach of neck leading into good shoulder and upper arm. Very good in body throughout and good firm rear which enabled him to show off his very good movement.  Well handled on the day to take this class.

Althea Richardson 

Windsor Championship Show - 28th June 2012

Limit Dog Class 

2. Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy, Dark brown boy. Lovely type, Nice flat skull. Good bite, Nice eye colour. Good neck, Nice shoulders. Very good depth and length of ribs. Moved very well with long easy strides.


Janet Lewis

Southern Counties Championship Show - 3rd June 2012

Post Graduate Dog Class

1. Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy.  Really super, masculine brown dog, strong broad, flat skull, stong underjaw, lovely dark eye, excellent construction front and rear, strong level topline, superb quality coat, lovely tight feet, excellent on move.

Gill Shrimpton


South of England Agricultural Open Show - 6th May 2012

Graduate Class, Best of Breed, Pastoral Group 1

Gavin Parrish

Pastoral Group


Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club Open Show - 16th October 2011

Graduate Dog


Chris Kiernander

Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Championship Show - 1st October 2011

 Graduate Dog


Yvonne Fox

Portsmouth and Southsea Open Show - 25th September 2011

Post Graduate Class

Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy (D). A pleasing profile in stand to this all male boy. Broad flat head. Strong jaw, large teeth, good scissor bite. Good eye colour and pigment. Good length to neck, excellent Shoulder lay into well down rib, of good length. Good overal size. Solid top line held so well in Gait. A little out of Coat due to age, so not yet a complete picture, but does not distract from his good overal construction.  Going on to a deserved 3rd in Beginners Stakes. More to come from this Boy.


Shelagh Needham

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Show -18th April 2011

Graduate Dog

Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy, very good head with typical proportions, good eye shape, strong bite, good neck & front, firm topline, very good ribs, coat still maturing, well presented, good front extension, sound rear, strong hocks

Mark James

Manchester Championship Show - 22 January 2011

Junior Dog

Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy, much better coat & in good body condition, strong loin which showed on the move, deep brisket


Robin Searle

Gravesend and Medway Open Show - 24th October 2010

Junior Class and Junior Any Variety Pastoral Class.  Best of Breed Any Variety Pastoral



Portsmouth and Southsea Open Show - 26th September 2010

Junior Class

Colepark Eternal Legacy, impressive & Substantial brown boy, good mover, in tune with his handler, has a few cosmetics to complete the picture for this very promising boy. RBOB

Marsha Holliman


Darlington Championship Show - 18th September 2010

Junior Dog 


Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy, 14 months brown/white, just at the pale state of coat, good length/height ratios, nicely made youngster who moved with good reach and drive to gain his postition.

Wendy Knowles


Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show - 21st August 2010

Junior Dog

Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy, brown, really nice dog with lovely balanced masculine head & such gorgeous expression & eyes toning with coat, in excellent body condition & coat just right for age, super mover with good tail carriage, well handled & another who should do well. I forgave his tiny lack of pigmentation which I feel sure will correct with maturity

Margaret MacDonald-Cross

Horley Open Show - 29th August 2010

 Junior Class


 Keith Savage

Leeds Championship Show - 23rd July 2010

 Junior Dog



 Albert Wight

Southampton Open Show - 19th June 2010

Junior Class, Best Of Breed, Best Puppy In Breed.  Pastoral Puppy Group 3

 Pastoral Puppy Group

Chertsey Open Show - 23rd May 2010

 Best Puppy In Breed, Pastoral Puppy Group 2, 1st AV Puppy.

 Pastoral Puppy Group Critique

 Geoff Duffield


Camberley Open Show - 18th April 2010

 Puppy Class, Best Puppy In Breed, Pastoral Puppy Group 2

 Margaret Lambert

Eastern Bearded Collie Association Championship Show - 5thApril 2010

Minor Puppy Dog

Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy. Well constructed brown slightly longer than 1, pleasing overall proportions with no exaggerations, good head and reach of neck, nice type. Moved well.

 John Beaumont

Scottish Breeds Canine Club Championship Show - 27th March 2010

Minor Puppy Dog

(1)Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy, Brown Boy who moved out so well with such confidence.  Good shoulder, depth of chest and correct shape rib. Good head, eye tones with coat. When Standing a little high in the rear but put this down to his age.

(2) Jenkins and Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legend. So similar in make and shape and I had difficulty in choosing between them. Brown boy and all the comments above appy. This boy did not stand higher in the rear but did not quite have the same control of his limbs as the above on the move.  2 lovely babies.

 Althea Richardson

Oxfordshire Open Show - 7th March 2010

Puppy Class, Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Best Of Breed.

Lawrence's Eternal Legacy, brown, with plenty to admire, masculine head of good overall balance, lovely eye & expression, strong neck, well developed forechest, correct in topline & tailset, correct overall body proportions, he has a  well angulated rear with strong parallel hocks, used himself to good advantage on the out & back keeping outline on the go around, well presented.BP.

Martin Sanders

Kent County Open Show -  28th February 2010

Puppy Class and Best Puppy in Breed

 Mrs Pam Rolleston

Maidenhead Open Show - 20th February 2010

AV Pastoral Puppy  Class and Best Av Pastoral Puppy

Lawrence's Colepark Eternal Legacy. Bearded Collie.  Good Head and eye, level topline, deep body, well sprung ribs, free on the move.

Alec Mackenzie