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The Eternals and their families


All the puppies have gone to their new homes and settled in well.

 We will post updates on their progress, when it becomes available.

Colepark Eternal Star  -   Oskar

Lucy and Oskar and Nigel and Tilly

Lucy with Oskar and Tilly

Oskar aged 8 months 

Oskar aged 1 year winning 4th in a Junior Class of 20 dogs

Oskar settled in well with Dawn and Nigel.  Tilly loves to play with him and they have just started going out for their first walks together. Oskar stole the family's heart from the moment they first saw him. He is adored by all and it is hoped he will one day have a go at Agility with Lucy. 

Oskar June 2012

Colepark Eternal Light - MacKinley


MacKinley has settled in well with his new mummy Kathleen.  He has made his impact from day one.  He has 3 other dogs for company and has already started puppy classes.  He will be starting Ringcraft very soon and hopefully we will see him doing Heelwork To Music too.  His passion for digging has continued in his new home and he is adored by his new family.

MacKinely at SCBCC Championship Show 2010

Mackinley having fun June 2012

Colepark Eternal Angel - Demelza



Demelza was the last to leave Colepark and she has settled in well with her new family Mal and John.  She has an older beardie called Josie to keep her company and they are inseperable.  They spend many weekends at their second home in Padstow and Demelza is adored by all the family. 

Demelza April 2012

Demelza and Aimee April 2012

Colepark Eternal Charm - Millie (4:5)

Millie and Pheobe

Millie has settled in very well with Jane and Dave.  She lives with Pheobe and they are best of friends.  She is very lively but so adorable too.  We hope to see her at Christmas at the BCC Show and look forward to seeing her in the show ring in the future.

Millie's First Show - Manchester Reserve in Minor Puppy Bitch

Millie aged 1 year

Millie May 2012

Colepark Eternal Legend - Moses (4:5)

              Moses and Aaron                                         Moses and David

                   Moses and Dawn                                       Moses and Tom

Moses has settled into his home with Dawn, David, Aaron and their 3 dogs Tom, Barney and Beethoven.  He has already started Puppy Classes and starts Ringcraft very soon.  He is very spirited and enjoys challenging his new family.

Moses gets Reserve from a class of 14 in Any Variety Minor Puppy at Chichester Open Show under Sue Garner and 2nd in Junior in Breed Class under Sarah Richie.

Moses wins Local Photo Competition

Moses June 2012


Colepark Eternal Spirit - Bruce


Bruce aged 8 months

Bruce aged 11 months 

Bruce is doing really well, he is now living with Ann and Maurice and their family.  He is the only dog in residence but does have regular contact with other beardies and dogs.

Bruce Dec 2011