Colepark Bearded Collies

Midshires Bearded Collie Club - February 2007

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana, 15 months old brown, not in her best coat today but what was coming through was of a good harsh texture, this didn't spoil her balanced shape, moved well. One who needs time to mature.

Sue Bird

Kingston Canine Society  -  July 2007

Lawrence's Bearded Collie, Shilstone Chiclana.  Well constructed and very sound on the move, looking as if she could go all day with no trouble at all.

Jane Lilley

Eastbourne & District Canine Society - September 2007

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana. Moved with drive

Maggie Carwardine

Oxfordshire County and Thame Show - September 2007

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana, well proportioned with a good front & length of rib

Tricia Pool

Romsey & District Canine Society - October 2007

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana, good angles & shape, clean dentition, good eye colour for complementing coat colour, tailset & carriage held well. Lacked undercoat & her best clothes but will come back. Steady and fluid on the move.

Allyson King

Romsey & District Canine Society - October 2007

Lawrence's Shistone Chiclana, Bearded Collie, level topline, deep body, well sprung ribs, stifles well bent & low hocks, straight front, good head & eye, moved well.

Alec MacKenzie

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association - February 2008

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana. A pretty brown and white bitch with excellent construction that shows best when on the move, where she is animated and well balanced, holding her topline and reaching out with drive.  Correct bite and feminine head that still offers plenty of room. Beginning to grow her show jacket which I am sure will complete an already excellent picutre.  BOB and delighted to see her take Pastoral G1.

Verity Rudd

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association - February 2008

G1, Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana Bearded Collie. 2 year old lovely bitch, sweet head and expression, good reach of neck, good bone and substance, stood and showed well, flowed round the ring.

Gee McEntee

Chertsey and District Canine Society - May 2008

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana bitch, well constructed, showed in her movement covering the ground with minimum effort, nice length & density of coat, not overdone, good head & expression BOB.

Penny Forster-Cooper

Thames Valley Canine Society - June 2008

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana A 2 and a half year old red bitch, lovely head and expression. Lighter in eye colour. Moved very well. Good lay of shoulder. Deep ribcage, correct angulation. Correct dentition. Another good example of the breed.

 Mrs Nina Rowlands

Southampton & District Canine Society - June 2008

Shilstone Chiclana, Bearded Collie, soundly made and very unexaggerated & workmanlike, good head & expression, decent forehand, coat of good texture, moved soundly with an easy smooth action.

Tom Mathers

Gravesend & Medway Town Canine Society - October 2008

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana. Lovely brown/sandy of good quality. Lovely mover. Good eye, soft and affectionate, broad skull. Would like a little more body. RBOB

Celia Vines

Midshires Bearded Collie Club  -   February 2009

Lawrences's Shilstone Chiclana At Colepark, 3 year old with dark brown coat of good texture. Strong but femine head. Bright, enquiring expression. Very good front assembly, good lay back of shoulder and long upper arm. Sound mover coming and going, and extends well in profile. Just needs to finish in coat to complete the picture.  Showed well today.

Julia Evans

Horsham & District Canine Scoiety - March 2009

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana At Colepark, Beardie.  Very sound, well muscled throughout. Straight front, good spring of rib, good topline and tail set, moved with style.

 Veronica Tanner

Sutton Dog Show Society - March 2009

Lawrence's Shilstone Chiclana At Colepark, dark reddish fawn, good depth of chest, feminine head, moved well with good tail carriage. BOB

Jim Martin