Colepark Bearded Collies

Shilstone Chiclana At Colepark (3:3)

My name is Aimee.  I was born on 27th November 2005.  I lived in Bramley with my sister Tia, my mum, grandad and several others for the first 10 weeks.

I then came to live with Barney, Bessie and Lucy.  I'm quite spoilt really and my mum takes me to shows all the time.  I like to be brushed and groomed and love to play with my sister Tia.  I like going to the park with Molly and Barney, even though me and Molly aren't always best of friends.  I like my peace and quiet and she's very noisy.  I've made lots of new friends and go to ringcraft, so my mum can do a better job of showing me. 

2009 is going to be an important year for me, as I am hoping to have my first litter this summer.  So I am taking time out of showing for maternal duties. My first litter of puppies are due in July 2009.

In July 2012 I had a litter of 7 brown puppies to Ch Potterdale Pisces.  Sadly due to my owner being unwell , I have only been in the show ring once in 2010. My son Ted has been in the showring with my breeder and has had some good results.  My son Moses and my daughter Millie have also been show by their owners and several of the puppies have passed their KC GCDS awards at various levels, as well as Primary Working Tests.

September 2012, I passed my KC Good Citizen Scheme Bronze Award at City of Birmingham Championship Show.



Aimee Pedigree, Achievements and Critiques


These are my Achievements - Aimee Achievements.

These are my Critiques - Aimee Critiques


Some memories

  Still at Home with my Mum January 2006      First Day at Home February 2006

                 February 2006                           Garden Napping March 2006

            It's a Hard Life April 2006                                   April 2006

 How To Prepare For My First Show           My First Open Show - Guildford May 2006

    My First Companion Show June 2006                My 1st Championship Show

 Best Any Variety Puppy At Cranbourne Show       Southern Counties June 2006

              February 2006                                             July 2006

  See how quickly my coat changed from Brown to Sandy and Then Almost White

   Bournemouth Championship Show                            August 2006

                August 2006

           Boston Championship Show                            Aimee and Molly Relaxing

                    January 2009                                              January 2009

 Aimee Snow Day February 2009

   Shilstone Sense of Humour March 2009    Aimee and Tia At Shalford Park March 2009

                Chertsey Meads April 2009                              Aimee with Sutton Prizes

 Aimee at National Working and Pastoral Breeds Show April 2009

Mother and Son March 2011